The Most Outrageous Fountains in the World

The notion of an “outrageous” water fountain seems like a strange one, but when you consider that many fountains spout from sculptures and works of art it actually makes sense that perhaps some would question the common notions of the medium. Though we may be used to the multi-tiered bird bath or shooting floor jets of our local park or centre there are out there some very unique works and here are a few of the most original of those in their lude and crudest forms.

‘Piss’ – Prague

The name alone makes a statement. This fountain, designed by the Czech artist David Cerny, appears to be fairly simple, two bronze men are stood facing each other, urinating into a pool of water. Though the men move thanks to an electric mechanism. There’s a mobile number situated near them, you can text a message to them and they’ll spell it out using their streams in the water below. Once the message has been written out in full, they’ll get back to relieving themselves as normal. For an even more outrageous design by Cerny check out his ‘Nation to Itself Forever’ concept.

‘The Big Giving’ – London

This is more like a series of fountains that were set up on London’s South Bank as an art installation, this bodily function fountain set was designed by Klaus Weber and certainly makes an impression. They are made from recycled industrial waste and waste stone with clean white statue pieces attached to represent people. Each of them has water flowing through them through a different exit, one displaying a man throwing up, one is urinating, one has water streaming from his nose and another spraying from his armpit. Fun fact, Weber modelled the statues on himself and his close friends, what an honour that must have been.

‘The Fountain of Neptune’ – Bologna

This fountain, designed by the Flemish sculptor Jean de Boulogne (better known as Giambologna), has been somewhat controversial since its debut sometime between 1564 and 1566. Atop a column stands the muscular and nude statue of the Roman god Neptune, below him sit four water nymphs squeezing water from their bosoms. It was initially Neptune body that was considered controversial, its muscularity was deemed too sexual, Giambologna had initially wanted to make the penis larger but was ordered to tone it down. Times change however and it is now the nymphs that have taken centre stage with pictures of them being removed from Facebook for violating its guidelines and being too sexually explicit, scandalous!

‘Manneken Pis’ – Brussels

Arguably the most iconic fountain on the list, the Manneken Pis is a fountain in the capitol of Belgium that is modelled on a very young boy (once again) urinating into more water. The statue was first installed in 1619 and designed by Jerome Duquesnoy, based on the older classic model dating back to 1388. The reason I chose the latter however is that it has since been accompanied by a sister fountain if you will, the ‘Jeanneke Pis’ which displays a young girl squatting and urinating.

Will wonders never cease!