How to Create a Water Feature for Your Garden

Ever fantasized about having a luxurious water feature but never had the budget or space to install one? Well there’s good news. You can have your own luxurious water feature, minus the high-cost materials and overpriced installation.

And the best part is that there isn’t a huge amount of space needed to make this happen. The steps below will help you have a cool and soothing backyard customized and made by you. Stop fantasizing and start building using these tips on creating a water feature for your garden.

Materials and space

Most of the materials needed can be found at your nearest hardware store and the local nursery. The first one on the list is a small water garden pump, about 120 GPH, enough to provide water to a small pond. Next is a small preformed plastic pond liner for the walls. Add a carpenter’s level, plastic outdoor fountain statuary and tubing, some bags of sand, and other ornamentals like rocks and plants and you’re ready to go.

After buying your materials, you can go home and start the planning. Now you can set up the water feature’s space. Where should your water feature go? Will you need to reinvent the whole garden or will you just allot a small space for it? Do you need to remove some rocks and other debris? These are a few questions you might need to answer to prepare your backyard for its deluxe water feature.

Dig, dig, dig

Now that you have an idea of where you want your water feature to be, it’s time to do the dirty work. Time to start digging the hole. It should just be enough to fit your preformed liner. Lay about an inch of sand at the bottom of the hole so that the liner is higher than the ground. This will lessen the amount of dirt falling into your liner. Also make sure you level the sand for a steadier base. If your hole is a bit larger than your liner, you can fill the excess space with more sand. Place the liner inside the hole and lay the carpenter’s level. Make sure it is even.

The next step is to prep ornaments and statues. If you have bought some statues that are ready for installation, then good for you. If not, simply pull out a drill and make a hole through your plastic statuaries. Insert the plastic tubing through and voila! You now have your very own statue.

Installing the pump and statuaries

Fill the pond with enough water and install the pump underneath. It should be kept submerged to avoid overheating. Connect the end of the tubing from your statue to the discharge port of the pump. Then, you can decorate the pond in any way you like. Place the rocks and plants, go crazy and play the role of a professional landscape artist. When you’re satisfied with the aesthetics, plug in the pump and enjoy the view.