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Fountain with Wrong Water Direction

This fountain and its inventor James Dyson attracted exceptional public attention during the recent flower show organized by the Royal Horticultural Society of Great Britain. The construction is special in that the water in it seems to flow upwards on the cascades. What is the secret of this idea? Some people called this fountain magical, […]

Cubic Houses

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Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands These bizarre Cubic Houses in the Netherlands definitely fit the “wacky” criteria for this list. They were designed by a Dutch architect by the name of Piet Blom. The houses are contained within large cubes that sit atop a hexagonal pylon, the cubes all connect to each other and are intended to […]

The Worst Statues Ever Made Part 3

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Terrible Statues for Your Viewing Pleasure Nathan Bedford Forrest There’s something of a hot topic in the USA at the moment on whether or not the statues of the “heroes” of the Confederate forces of the countries Civil War should be removed or not. Personally, I cannot see why you’d honour anyone who fought to […]

The Worst Statues Ever Made Part 2

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Diego Maradona Diego Maradona is considered by some to be the greatest football player in history, it’s only natural then that his home country of Argentina should want to honour him, after all he did (controversially) score them a winning goal in the 1986 World Cup Final. As such the statue depicts him at the […]

The Worst Statues Ever Made Part 1

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Statues have graced our world for thousands of years; they are an historic form of art that captures the likeness of someone we deem important for people to remember for years to come. From the gods themselves to Ronald McDonald there have been some incredible examples of the artform over the last couple of millennia. […]

The Most Outrageous Fountains in the World

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The notion of an “outrageous” water fountain seems like a strange one, but when you consider that many fountains spout from sculptures and works of art it actually makes sense that perhaps some would question the common notions of the medium. Though we may be used to the multi-tiered bird bath or shooting floor jets […]

The Top World Heritage Sites

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With more than 1000 places already listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites it is quite difficult to point out which ones stand out. To help you select your next worthy travel destination, here are seven of the most striking world heritage sites around the globe. Angkor Wat, Cambodia Angkor Wat is both Cambodia’s symbol and […]

Drinking Fountains from the Victorian Era

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Fountains were both decorative sculptures and symbols of wealth back in the early centuries. Their magnificence captures the attention of visitors and locals alike, that is why they make an astounding centerpiece for any grand building or monument. But before they were treated as a form of art, Victorian era fountains were first used as […]

The Most Impressive Casino Buildings in the World

Casino architecture is not something that you would immediately think of when discussing innovative and exciting design, but some of the most breathtaking structures in the world were actually built to contain card tables, slots and other gaming machines.

7 Surprising Sculpture Facts

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The famous Michelangelo statue of David is actually cross-eyed. This statue is one of the most recognizable in the world but is far from perfect. Michelangelo carved it from a spoilt piece of marble and it has been discovered in modern times that the statue is cross-eyed, an intentional tactic by the sculptor so that […]