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Fountains Throughout the Ages – Part 2

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Though fountains were functional before, in the modern age advanced technology allowed for much more diversity and beauty. These structures also continued to be showcases for wealth and advances in design. Keep reading to find out more about the history of fountains in the 19th century and beyond. Fountains in the 19th century The dawn […]

Fountains Throughout the Ages – Part 1

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Of all the substances that humans need for survival, water is the most important. As we developed as a species, our relationship with water moved from one of survival to one where we could use fountains as decorative pieces. The history of how we manage to capture and display this precious resource using fountains is […]

How to Create a Water Feature for Your Garden

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Ever fantasized about having a luxurious water feature but never had the budget or space to install one? Well there’s good news. You can have your own luxurious water feature, minus the high-cost materials and overpriced installation. And the best part is that there isn’t a huge amount of space needed to make this happen. […]

Interesting Fountains of Great Britain

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If you’re planning to visit Great Britain, you should not miss this chance to go see its many magnificent fountains. Since the 17th century, fountains have served not only as luxurious decorations for English country homes but also as status symbols for the rich. Britain has numerous fountains worth visiting, so to help you out […]

War Monuments of Great Britain

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Every nation has a war that has affected it in some significant way. The UK is no exception, and especially for WWI, the first worldwide war, there was widespread grief and equally as widespread memorials to those lost. These monuments serve to remind the population of sacrifice made and to show the tragic impact of […]

The History of Sculpture Worldwide

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The beginning of sculpture Ever since humans started carving rock and wood, sculpture has played different purposes in all aspects of life. In religion, artists sculpted spiritual figures, depicting their gods and other heavenly emblems. Some sculptures fit perfectly in fountains, enhancing their aesthetics. But typically, sculptures were made as monuments for historic and important […]